Industrial Automation

FARAYAND  PARDAZ  Company  provides   Industrial  Automation   services  for   Process  
Automation and Factory Automation applications.  
Our philosophy is to provide functional, reliable, safe, robust and cost-effective solutions  to
our customers in the area of control systems. 
We offer practical solutions based on simple off-the-shelf products to complete front-to-end  
mission, from the conceptual design through maintenance and after sales services.   

Our Specialty:
FARAYAND PARDAZ Company performs design, development and fabrication, as well as  
installation and successful start-up of control systems for its customers' projects.  
We are specialized in a wide range of engineering services, including but not limited to the  
- Consulting Service  
- Control System Design  
- Control System Integration  
- Configuration & Programming  
- Industrial Communication & Networking  
- On site Installation & Testing  
- Start Up  
- Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning  
- Training  
- Maintenance Service  
- Shut Down Support  
- Spare Parts  
- After Sales Service  

For various control systems such as:                              
- DCS    
- ESD (up to SIL3)  
- PLC  
- Safety Control System  
- Burner Management System (BMS)   
- Power Management System (PMS)  
- Telemetry System   
- Data Logger  
- Data Acquisition System   
- HMI System  
- Operator Station  
- Conventional Control Panel   
- Barrier Panel  
- Relay Panel  

​Our Team: 
FARAYAND PARDAZ Company relies on an expert team consisted of proficient engineers  
and highly skilled technical personnel with diverse backgrounds.  
We  are  proud  to  admit  all  of  our  technical  individuals  have  demonstrated  abilities  in  
successfully accomplishing automation projects in the following industries:  
 -  Oil, Gas & Petrochemical  
 -  Thermal Power Plants  
 -  Hydro Electric Power Plants  
 -  Steam Generation Plants  
 -  Pump Stations  
 -  Compressor Stations  
 -  Water & Waste Water Industries  
 -  Water Intake  
 -  Tank Farm, Offsite & Utilities  
 -  Steel Industries  
 -  Chemical Plants